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HR roof - source of environmentally friendly energy

The roof served as a main part of the House originally exclusively as a shelter. Later, also the space under the roof as a valuable potential for more quality of life was discovered.

Today, your roof can perform other tasks. Modern technology allows residue-free and thus environmentally friendly conversion of sunlight and solar heat in for you usable forms of energy. Your roof can be used depending on the facilities as a production facility for space heating, electricity, and water heating. So many homeowners closer their desire for more cost-effective and independent energy supply.

Principle distinction of photovoltaic systems, which convert sunlight into electricity, and solar thermal systems, which make use of solar energy for heating and water heating.
Solar systems can be installed on the principle on sloped or flat roof and exterior walls. You can immediately created with the other roof surface for new buildings, but also integrated into already existing areas are.

The roofer Guild business is particularly the contact person when it comes to the design and installation of solar energy systems. In addition to the basic familiarity with all materials on roof and external wall, your Roofer is the specialist for the handcrafted quality and aesthetically appealing integration of your small power plant. He offer attractive solutions for the installation of solar panels or solar modules, which are particularly in existing buildings of great importance to meet the architectural demands and the character of the hotel.
The roofer ensures security of rain when the necessary costs and financial statements, and the penetrations due to his extensive training in addition to the proper installation of the equipment

It ensures the regular connection of solar panels to the electricity or heating system .Zusammen with selected partners. Also for complementary measures aimed at improving the energy balance is the roofer your partner and offers a complete concept from a single source from advice to implementation.

Electricity from the roof - energy with a future

A possibility of using solar energy represents the photovoltaic. Here, a direct conversion of sunlight into electrical energy is done by the solar cells. The resulting direct current is converted into alternating current and is immediately available.
You get a fascinating and upgradeable technology into the House with a solar system. Exhaust and operating noise, belong to the past. Together with the public power grid, a powerful energy generation system with low-cost performance arises from Exchange of excess around the clock.
The high quality of the system components means a reliable system with reasonable technique in conjunction with professional installation by a member company of the roofer Guild.

The simple retrofitting makes interesting solar power for more and more homeowners in conjunction with the longevity of the equipment. State aid can further increase the already existing economic incentives.
With a solar system, also show environmental awareness and operate active environmental protection. The extraction of energy from the sunlight will be granted in a few years.
Today, this means the result of the careful use of environmental resources while critical assessment of technology and economy. Can consult your roofing on a comprehensive energy policy for your home.

The Sun brings's - heat generation on the roof

Solar thermal systems gain heat on the roof and exterior walls, and these to provide heating and hot water.
The Sun's heat is captured in a collector and by a kind of heat exchanger consumption. The hot water requirements of a multi person budget essentially is covered by the high efficiency of the solar thermal systems. An effective heating is also possible.

The Member of the roofer Guild offers interesting, directly in the roof integrierbare collector systems which harmoniously in the overall design of the building.
By the contemporary, the cover image can be customized design and an individual cutting of attachment size to meet your needs for each building found the optimal design. «But if you no» large «strive for solution, a solar thermal plant for example for permanent heating swimming pools or greenhouses is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional heating systems.»

The roofer Guild operation is the expert in all types of roof structure and offers maximum security for the mechanical fixing system for a proper functioning of the system the condition ist.

A professionally built solar thermal facility means an appreciation for the whole building and leads to a significant reduction in energy costs for years beyond.
The roofer Guild business is the expert in all types of roof structure and provides maximum security, which is the prerequisite for a proper functioning of the system for mechanical fastening of system.

Fossil fuels going the changing framework conditions such as the necessary reduction in CO2 emissions, running out, future rising energy prices and the increasing burden of eco-taxes make it necessary to deal with ways to save energy and washball energy.

The outer shell of a building offers an enormous energy saving potential. At the same time, it offers the necessary area, in addition to gain energy.
Your Roofer Guild operation brings the quality on the roof. The energy through solar technology is exploited excellently in conjunction with contemporary measures for thermal insulation. Considering the energy balance for your small solar power plant, so it can pay off economically after some time. Ecologically seen your balance sheet is now of course immediately positive.
Regional and local funding programs call repeatedly for the development of solar systems in life. As a client, that means a financial subsidy to the production costs for you.
Such support programmes can still improve the already interesting economic energy balance in your home, we can quickly understand themselves in individual cases.

About current funding opportunities, learn about your municipality, the countries, at the energy utilities and of course at your Roofer Guild station. In conjunction with the creation of a high-quality solar system your Roofer Guild operating offer thermal insulation and of passive heat and noise a variety of complementary measures in the area.
Starting with a thermally insulated, ventilated curtain facade of roof Windows with modern thermal insulation values up towards to the correct total expansion of your roof space solar power roof or external wall can be the start of a new era for your building.

The roofers - your competent solar expert

If you hire a roofer Guild operation with the creation of a solar system, you get a number of advantages. The roofer Guild operation offers an individual solution. This ranges from consulting and planning your personal solar power station for many years, competent maintenance and care. This is of course not only for the technical, but also for the craft and creative side of your project.

 The roofer Guild operation has the most comprehensive expertise, to perform all the work incurred on the roof itself. The necessary connections to the existing heating system or the grid he will under his direction by appropriate partner companies run.

This provides you with the fastest processing of your building project and ensures the highest quality in all details of your project. For you, your roofing master is the contact person and Coordinator in the implementation of your wishes and ideas.

When it comes to solar systems which are integrated harmoniously into the architectural design of your building, the roofer Guild operation is the first choice.
His daily tasks include the aesthetic use of traditional and modern building materials, execution of thermal insulation and energy-saving concepts on the entire outer surface of the House.

The award of the contract to an Innungs establishment of Roofers crafts is also a good protection against dubious providers. You can recognize their Roofer Guild operating this sign:

Roofing master Franke