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The technical rules of

Roofing trade - a secure system


The professional execution of roof coverings, waterproofing and exterior wall membranes requires compliance with certain rules. These are the legal regulations and generally accepted rules of technology. Among the recognised rules of technology standards and technical rules of the German Roofing trade.

The rules and regulations of the German Roofing trade consists of different parts: the principles, technical rules, notices, fact sheets and product data sheets. All together form a closed whole. Each individual font is linked by relations with the other technical writings and supported by the contents of the standardisation.


This set of rules is created by specialized expert groups in extensive technical sessions. Here the roofer Guild companies as service provider of the owner and the manufacturer of roofing materials bring a shared their expertise and experience. On the basis of scientific knowledge, experience from construction practice, as well as the valid structural provisions, they formulate the technically best possible solution for all applications in practice. Here are the reliability and longevity of the constructional solutions absolutely in the foreground. The aim is a continuous quality improvement that directly benefits you as a client.


The range of Dachdeckers to protect the roof, wall and sealing technology, concerned itself mainly with the task, the building against weathering and individual components from moisture. The rules and regulations of the roofing trade refers to elemental important solutions to the overall function of the building.

This is also understandable how extensively of the roofing trade rules must be and how intense and prudent collaboration of experts is necessary to include all the factors.


The good - the importance of the technical rules for the Builder


The rules and regulations of the German Roofing trade is a guiding principle for the exporting roofing as well as for the Scheduler taking into account of the present state of building technology and tendencies of development of safe.


Use the technical rule ensures a coordinated planning and execution. It leads to the use of high-quality building materials. The progress of report and the security in the long period of the function can always track on the basis of the writings of rules.



The trade rules resulting from many years of experience of the roofer Guild holdings. Therefore, they grant a high quality of execution. To protect the building from the weather means compliance with additional functions, such as such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection, and stability.

These very different requirements, as well as the interaction of all functional layers must necessarily be considered in the planning and execution of roof, wall, and sealing. The professional knows well through the respective rules and regulations appropriate standards.


The rules and regulations of the German Roofing trade provides verifiable standards in the selection of your service provider as a client. The Member operating of the roofer Guild are reliable according to the rules giving for you as clients from the outset a maximum of security.


The set of rules ensures flawless technical performance. Thus, a high level of quality is given which is transparent and comprehensible in terms of consumer protection.

Compliance with the rules, also the statutory provisions be implemented, you need to fulfill responsible as a client, so that you receive the appropriate legal certainty. The award of the contract to the roofer Guild operation is the right decision when it comes against the background of high-quality and long-term service life to taking into account all technical and legal issues at the planning and execution of your project.


Your Roofer - your competent partner


The Member operating of the roofer Guild provides well-founded advice, planning and implementation from a single source. No matter what ideas you have for the renovation, redesign, new construction or extension of your home: the master operating of the roofer Guild is a competent partner to the side and realized your wishes and ideas. The technical framework forms the basis for all your projects and offers you these advantages.

No matter whether it is inclined roofs, flat roofs, balconies, terraces, or your new green roof, whether you're thinking about a design of the façade or exploit renewable energy want - the roofer Guild business is the best contact person. All these areas and many more are scientifically and empirically recorded through tailored technical rules so that you get the best performance and safety in planning and execution. Just the contract award to a roofer Guild operation ensures compliance rules and the associated fonts in particular.

Through membership in the roofer Guild operation brings a his experiences in the rules and regulations. The Guild membership means a decisive information advantage, which he uses for you to operate. So these companies are informed immediately and directly changes the rules. Thus the work performance of the plant constantly correspond to the latest state of the art - an immediate advantage for you as a client.


The roofer Guild operating stands for a comprehensive full service. Always he understands the entire building physics in your building, as even when apparently

minor repair work is fundamentally important. The flawless interaction of structural components offers you a quality that enables reliable operation for years to come.


We stand with our expertise, commitment of the roofer Guild operation and the set of rules at any time for the top quality implementation of your individual wishes available. Careful and comprehensive advice is beyond of course - for your safety and satisfaction for us for years.


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