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We are pleased to welcome you to our website. Operating as a roofer guild we are available for assistance around all construction and renovation work on the roof are available: From the detailed analysis of the consultation to the professional conduct of the individual measures to the side. We combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology and highest standards of quality requirements.

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The pitched roof of the crown of the house

In 2004, the company founded by Wolfgang Franke

Since then we have remained true to our philosophy to provide our customers not only precise workmanship executed an in-depth technical advice. Born and lived the concept of our dedicated and motivated employees


A pitched roof is the crown of your house: It is crucial for the appearance and beauty of the whole building. The pitched roof protects its carefully tuned assembly on the effects of weathering and helps with appropriate thermal insulation for energy efficiency. The pitched roof provides customization options to suit your ideas and gives you a comfortable home in the space under the roof. Therefore, attics are often sought after because of your hospitality accommodations.


We offer comprehensive services for roofing and roof restoration: from the creation of the roof through to the interior. We see ourselves as a long term partner for our customers, because after the entire roof of a new building we are with you every conversion and expansion, be it in the modernization of your attic, when installing a solar system, the installation of a green roof or roof terrace or in all emerging maintenance and repair work.


Guild as a roofer company, we offer you expert advice and craftsmanship craftsmanship. At the beginning of every job we create a sustainable overall concept. This always includes the adjacent parts of the building are taken into account. All necessary work to be performed by qualified personnel. We give you a full warranty

Whether you want for your family more living space or want to finally make room for your hobbies, we provide the requisite degree of certainty of execution and provide you with individual advice and execution of many more uses


In addition to product quality and craftsmanship accuracy within one customer orientation to the building blocks of our success. Our team lives this philosophy. And because our employees are our greatest asset, we is not just their education and training, but also the satisfaction of everyone's heart. In the teams from us, you always find a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and excellent career opportunities.


Energy savings through improved insulation, quiet living, high sound protection and additional space gained by dormer windows and roof terraces are just a few benefits of a complete solution that can be realized even in already-developed residential areas attics.
 A carefully planned roof renovation increases the value of the entire building and offers customization options through a variety of available materials and processing techniques. The roof area of your choice harmonizes with balconies and roof windows, can contribute to energy systems and can embellish with many details.

Franke is a company with more specialized personnel.
Of course we are always in all areas at the cutting edge of technology. Therefore, our employees take part in continuous training and qualifications and build your professional know-how for you constantly

The flat roof - Functional and versatile


The modern flat roof is a versatile usable architectural element, which offers much more than just protection from the weather: Security for your property, attractive design options, optimum space utilization and integration of important functional elements of lighting and ventilation, insulation, lightning and solar technology.

In commercial buildings, office buildings and on towers on the flat roof has been so long conquered its place. Even in housing, it has become an interesting and popular alternative.


We offer professional consulting, planning and execution from a single source.This is a smooth process of the individual steps and simplify the overall process given

Y our roof - source for environmentally friendly energy


Basically there are photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight into electricity and heat solar thermal systems, heat from the sun to heat water and to take advantage.

 Solar systems can generally be installed on sloped or flat roofs and exterior walls. You can now create new buildings with the rest of the roof area, but also be integrated at any time in already existing areas.



Through a variety of design and features will be flat roofs asked not only because of its functionality, but increasingly also from aesthetic requirements of the architecture. Individual and innovative flat roofs make warehouses and football stadiums to challenging and visually attractive buildings.
 Modern flat roofs are durable, easy to clean and safe. They thus offer important economic advantages

Solar thermal systems generate heat on the roof and exterior walls and make them available for heating and for hot water available.

 The solar heat is trapped in a collector and fed by a kind of heat exchanger to consumption. The high efficiency of solar thermal plants in the hot water needs of a multi-person household is covered in substance. An effective heating is also possible


An additional attraction of the flat roof is in many ways to use the extracted roof. By professional bodies to roof to roof terraces, roads and parks to be converted.

 Whether the green space on the roof of the garage or the large-scale underground seal, the use of roof spaces creates new habitats, their creative design are endless. Use roof is paying off. By increasing the commercial, residential and recreational value, the value of your property and therefore the rent. The member businesses of roofers' guild are your competent partner in all matters relating to economic land-use roof.

With a solar system you get a fascinating technology, and lasting value to the house. Exhaust fumes and noise are a thing of the past. In conjunction with the public power grid caused by exchange of surplus power generation system with an efficient cost effective service around the clock.


When it comes to solar panels that are harmoniously integrated into the architectural design of your building, the roofers' guild Franke operation of choice.

 The aesthetic use of traditional and modern materials, the performance of thermal insulation and energy-saving concepts to the entire outer surface of the house are part of our daily tasks.

We offer a roofer guild operation you an individual solution for your roof. This ranges from advice and planning of the whole concept to many years of reliable service and maintenance.

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